Breast Augmentation

For some women, the breasts convey an important sense of femininity. For others, breast enhancement helps create a more proportionate overall body shape. Always remember to be honest with yourself about why you are interested in breast augmentation. Midvale plastic surgeon Dr. Brian C. Reuben believes his patients from Draper, Murray, and around Salt Lake City, Utah, deserve to feel good about themselves. Are you ready to see how you can increase the size and improve the shape of your breasts?

Dr. Reuben is ready to help.

If you would like to learn more about how breast augmentation can transform your image, request a consultation online or call our office at (801) 937-9650. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian C. Reuben and his staff are eager to meet you and help you on your aesthetic journey.

Breast Augmentation Candidates

While candidacy for breast augmentation depends on the individual, the women from Murray, Sandy, West and South Jordan, UT and surrounding areas who visit Dr. Reuben for this procedure often have one or more of the following motivations:

  • The desire for fuller breasts
  • Breasts that have lost volume from breastfeeding or weight loss
  • Motivation to do something for themselves
  • The desire for a more proportionate body
  • Asymmetry of the breasts

When you visit Dr. Reuben for your personal consultation regarding breast augmentation and options for implants, he will sit down with you and discuss your cosmetic goals. Once he feels you are a candidate for the procedure, he will work with you to tailor a surgical plan to your specific needs. If you are getting a breast augmentation revision procedure, Dr. Reuben carefully explains how the surgery is performed.

Dr. Reuben

Meet Dr. Reuben

Few plastic surgeons in the Salt Lake City area can match Dr. Reuben's combination of surgical expertise and warm, personable demeanor.

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Breast Augmentation Options

To give you the most attractive and natural-looking results, Dr. Reuben will customize your procedure to features of your unique anatomy such as your height, weight, and the width of your chest. He will thoroughly review your choices for the following options:

  • Breast implants can be filled with saline or cohesive silicone gel. Dr. Reuben offers a variety of breast implant shapes, sizes, profiles, and widths to provide truly personalized results.
  • Incision placement is either along the edge of the areola (periareolar incision) or along the fold underneath the breast (inframammary incision).
  • Implant placement is either above or beneath the chest (pectoralis) muscles.

The Dr. Reuben Difference

Dr. Reuben performs breast augmentation in an accredited hospital or surgical facility as an outpatient procedure. He begins the breast augmentation procedure by making each incision through which he creates a space for the implant. Once he has placed the implants and achieved the desired breast size and shape, he will close the incisions with sutures and apply surgical tape.

Dr. Reuben may combine breast enlargement with a breast lift if you have sagging that also needs correction. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women choose breast augmentation along with a tummy tuck, liposuction, labiaplasty or a combination of procedures.

What to Expect Afterward

After the procedure is complete, your chest will be bandaged and wrapped with a compression garment to help your breasts keep their new shape. While experiences vary, patients should expect to take about 1 week off from work. Typically, women return to normal, everyday activities after this time, but they are advised to refrain from heavy lifting or rigorous exercise for a few weeks.

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